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  • Originally born in El Salvaror but I was raised in the bay area from a very young age.
  • Some of my hobbies include, gardening and computer PC building, one of my biggest interest is old and moderns aircraft as well as agriculture.
  • The culture in my department is that of team work, respect, friendliness and costumer service oriented.

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Cafe Manager

I moved to San Francisco a few years ago. I used to live in the beautiful Peninsula of Baja California and I was raised in the Bay Area. I travel back and forth to the beautiful home were most of my friends and family live. I am also married to an awesome man from Texas.

I’m serious and introverted at the first impression, but I open up and become a joker once people get to know me. I have a degree in Medical Administration, but I changed my career path due to my love to coffee and the coffee atmosphere. My hobbies would be riding my bike through the city, camping and sunday barbecues.

I love nature and I camp once or twice a year, when possible. Currently, I’m saving money to someday own my own cool café.