About Us

Our Mission

We strive to create a shared, sensory food experience that connects you and the ones you love to our community by celebrating the best local purveyors and the real food they provide. tWe are investing in the health of the community. We aspire to:

Employ our neighbors and enrich the communities we serve.
Provide growing local businesses an elevated platform they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
Source sustainably and locally to provide fresh food options.
Foster long-term, meaningful relationships with and between our customers.

Our History and yours

The history of The Market isn’t about our founders or our business. It’s about something much larger.

Communities have always been built around food, where the local market was at the center. You’d go to the fishmonger for the catch of the day and come away with the news of the day. A stop at the butcher would yield a choice steak for a great price and a slice of life advice for free.

Our Philosphy

We believe in unending discovery, fostering community, and providing real food.


The Market will always be full of the unexpected. A place that welcomes fresh experiences and an ever-changing menu.

Real Food

We believe in going deeper than the food. We want to tell stories that can only be found in the hearts of local growers, purveyors and artisans. We feature the best California cuisine with real, seasonal ingredients from local ground. We work tirelessly to elevate local businesses in ways they might not be able to otherwise. We choose them carefully: for their character, for their commitment to community, for keeping to the highest quality, and for being real.


Great food brings people together. The Market is more than a grocery store or a place to shop; it’s the local hub where you can grab a quick, gourmet bite and plan to run into your neighbors. It’s how you turn your city into your community.

Meet the Team

The Market wouldn’t be able to operate without them. 

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